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You Evolved!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You evolved is a statement not a question, it is a daily affirmation that one must say in order to truly believe it.

Self Reflection

In order to grow one must self reflect! A person should be able to look deep inside themselves and want to be better than the person they were yesterday. As human beings, we are constantly evolving and going through changes. When I say "You Evolved & It's Truly Amazing To See" it is not a compliment, It is me letting you know that the magic inside of you is showing and you shouldn't stop.

It is so easy to not pat ourselves on the back when we do something great, but can regurgitate all our flaws into the conversations we have. The milestones we put in place are there so we can improve, "You Evolved" is just a reminder that not only have you, but that you should continue too.

Inspire & Motivate

You can inspire someone just by telling your story, you never know who needs to hear it. Encouraging someone can go a long way and advice can help change someones path, so please think wisely about your choices in life.

- Encouragement sweetens labour (Jamaican proverb)

3 Reader Tips

- At the start of each day say something positive about yourself.

- Take a moment to think about all your achievements to date, no matter how big or small and say thank you.

- Look at the people around you and really think if they encourage you to be greater.

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