Julius Meinl x Worldreader

 World Poetry Day (21st March) Telixia has collaborated with Viennese coffee roasters, Julius Meinl, as part of their annual Pay With A Poem campaign. Julius Meinl together with global education charity Worldreader, is encouraging people to rediscover the power of words and use coffee as creative fuel to help improve the global learning crisis. FAD and Wonderland managed to sit down with Telixia to ask some questions about her collaboration for World Poetry Day.


Cadet - The Rated Legend Album

Telixia Inico features on Track 10 with 'The Convo'. This spoken-word verse pays tribute to the Underrated Legend. Showing the depth at which Cadet impacted her life and expressing the pain of losing him, this track binds the album together, fully encompassing the person Cadet was to the people in his life.

Bouncer - The Come Up Mixtape

Telixia Inico opens 'The Come Up' mixtape with a thought provoking Spoken Word introduction that sets the tone for the whole project. Track 10 Telixia Inico hits us with 'Mist Of Success' a Spoken Word skit highlighting the importance of remaining grounded while embarking on a journey. Last but not least she closes the mixtape with a captivating outro that takes Spoken Word & music to another level.

Telixia Inico also featured in 'The Come Up' documentary performing a piece called 'You Evolved'.

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